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A little something about Raksha Goyal.

Raksha Goyal , Nutritionists M.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition) Clinical & Sports Nutritionist

Raksha Goyal is a Consulting Nutritionist and certified clinical researcher practicing in Indore. At a very young age, she has achieved the coveted title of being among the premier nutritionists in India.

She has been honored of attending and presenting her research papers in various national and international conferences.

She has several research papers published to her credit notable in respected journals of medical field indexed in Pubmed, Research gate etc.

Possessing good organizing skills, she has conducted many path breaking events and educational programs including workshops CME’s and conferences with reference to nutrition, dietary habits and other burning health issues for the community.

Apart from the hospitals she has been a nutrition expert to various Government and non government organizations.

To her credit, she has represented nutritionists on various media platforms including TV channel, Radio channels, and magazine and news papers.

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The Truth Behind Healthy Foods

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