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We offer a liberal approach to dietary counselling. At we strive to offer tailored dietary counselling your body needs! With dietitians and nutritionists accessible online, you won’t have to rely on unprofessional advice again. Follow these few easy steps to get the online consultation

Step-1 Send us a mail regarding your health queries

Step-2 We’ll send a questionnaire for the initial assessment

Step-3 Fill the questionnaire in detail

Step-3 Mail us the questionnaire and payment slip…

Step-4 Receive your diet plan

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Skipping breakfast- hurt’s you a lot!

Breakfast is a big part of our nutritional necessities. Big percentage of our energy came from the food we eat during the morning meal. As the first meal of the day, and the first thing you eat after seven or eight hours of sleep, what y.....

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The Truth Behind Healthy Foods

While shopping for healthy foods; be careful that you are not fooled by buying the so called nutritious food. Just because an advertisement or package claims that something is nutritious doesn't mean it will nourish your body better than.....

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Hypertension - Can be a lifestyle disease also

High blood pressure (BP) is a major public health problem in India and its prevalence is rapidly increasing among both urban and rural populations. In fact, it has become the most prevalent chronic disease in India. One in three Indian a.....

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